Rabbits Pantry Tea Club Subscription Box

We heard you loud and clear - Subscription Box! Got it. We listened to all the requests of types, frequency and pricing. Here is what we came up with folks:

Each Month you are invited to indulge in your box filled with amazing teas. You will receive two varieties from our regular line plus one tea from the seasonal line. But it's not just tea - say what?!?

We have partnered up with our good friends at Life of The Kind to create a special card of inspiration for each month to make you smile.

Plus we are also including a special surprise gift each month as well. This might be a new tea steep, cool cups, amazing sweeteners; who knows what awesome new products we will find to include for you.

We didn't stop here - indulge is one of our favorite words. So of course there is more! We have a private Facebook page managed by our founder Jessica who will invite you to share about your teas, what you are looking for or want to see, and exclusive event invites and discounts! Say What!?! This tea club gives you a voice to Rabbits Pantry to help mold the company into everything you want it to be.

The longer you subscribe; the bigger the benefits!

1 Month - A Blissful One Month - Free Shipping on all add-ons of your monthly box. Premium pricing at $21.00. Pay for one month and receive one package. Reorder again on your own next month.

3 Months - Enjoy the Season - Your first box will have a special gift just for you plus the free shipping for all add-on items. Only pay $19.99 per box. One package each month for 3 months.

6 Months - I'm waist deep - Get 10% off your box, free shipping on add-on items, and a special gift for you to enjoy. One package each month for 6 months.

12 Months - Tea Lovers Extravaganza - Get all the above PLUS your first box for you and one friend for FREE!! One package each month for 12 months!

*Free shipping offer is only valid during the month you subscribe and add on products come with your monthly subscription box package. Please use code "Subscription Box" at check out.

**Orders for each month close out by the 10th so we can prepare your shipments to arrive the next week.

***Only available on domestic shipments in the US.