Welcome to Rabbit's Pantry where our passion ignites focusing on the whole you through creating memorable moments and indulging in invigorating organic teas.


Our journey has been an awesome one and our story is in the making. 


Meet our owner


Jessica Martin Founder Rabbit's Pantry LLC and Rabbit's Den LLC


Hello! I’m Jessica!  First you should know I’m almost always excited! I love what we do and I love all our customers!  


We started this journey because of my own health issues. I had a horrible flare of Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and at the time we weren’t sure if I had Lupus or MS. My rheumatologist suggested alternative Medicines through Acupuncture, Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Massage, and anything I could find to help. At the same time I was getting my certification in Astrology to keep me busy mentally while I was stuck in bed and healing. Quickly I learned I had a natural ability about how I was going to approach astrology and herbs. This is when we started our Zodiac line. As I learned more I was mesmerized by the industry and art of natural herbs and teas.
Herbs were one of the major factors in my healing journey, along with massage, yoga, diet and rest. Being a double Gemini I’m great at taking information in and sharing it with others. I also have a crazy Mars which creates a dynamic of mental energy and stamina to drive forward. This journey changed my life so much I had to start to find ways to share it with others.
If you have tried herbal medicine and find it was nasty and difficult to choke down, I hear you! I kept this in mind when I introduced our Remedy line, followed shortly with our launch of our Taste Good line. This is when Rabbit's Pantry really got exciting and took off all on its own!
Growing up I was fortunate enough to have tea (or sometimes sugar water when we were younger) often with my Grandmother. I loved this time together. My sister and I would sit down and just enjoy listening to her tell us stories or things she wanted to pass down to us and we got to tell her all about our day. Our Taste Good line really brought back all these lovely memories and how important it is to just sit and sip.
I absolutely love what you all allow us to do every day! Creating memories through our blends of Remedies, Taste Good teas, and other collections. Giving us the opportunity to be a part of your wellness journey and by enjoying our original line of the Zodiac teas. Each of these makes me so happy when people purchase and enjoy them. I love hearing everyone’s story and how our tea played a role in their life. This journey has been priceless and beautiful.
Thank you to each and everyone of you for the gift you give us, by enjoying our tea, for all the great ideas you continue to share to help us be the company you want and need, and for being willing to try something new. You inspire us and motivate us to do more and be better.
Our tea philosophy
We have just a few rules when it comes to our tea.
1) Must be Organic and Non-GMO. It tastes better and is better for you. Just try any of our teas. You will enjoy the difference.
2) Must be Sustainable. From our jars, labels, and plants; we source as close to home as possible. Our whole package is reusable, recyclable, and compostable. Being clean and sustainable is a critical part of why we are here.
3) Must be Loose Leaf. You know everyone likes their tea different. Some like a mild flavor and others like it strong. I tend to drink mine very strong. Packaged tea bags are made of plastic (eww) and not compostable. Loose leaf allows you to have the level of tea you want, it lasts longer, you don’t pay for extra packaging, and it's compostable!
Doing the right thing just makes sense; and it is the right thing to do for our bodies, planet and future. It’s that simple.
Indulge in Your Moment,
Jessica Martin