Wholesaler and bulk ordering information

We love collaborating and sharing our fantastically fun and tasty tea with you, and them, and her, and him, and that one and this one, and everyone!  At Rabbits Pantry we are looking for partners.  Our customers believe every moment counts and tea is a perfect time to take a break in our busy days to enjoy time with friends, loved ones, or the voices in our own heads that need deliberation.  No matter the level of conversations, taking the time to indulge our senses and pace out the day makes the worries go away.  The quality of our product is critical to us and to our customers.  They love the taste, they love the packaging, they love the relationship.  We aren’t just another tea company.  We really do all the washing, labeling, blending, and packing of every tea by hand and with love. 


Want a custom blend and or label? We got just what you need and want! Yep that is right, you can have your very own tea label packaged with all the goodness any tea party could ever want.  No need to put all the details in the form below; however, please indicate you are looking for a custom order.  This will allow us to spend sometime to think a bit and contact you for more details or share in the ideas.  We love thinking things up and having ideas.  Best way to start every day.


Keep in mind it will take us 48 business hours to be back in touch.  Our wholesale orders start at a 4 case minimum (48 teas).  Bulk orders start with a minimum of 2 cases (24 teas).  We would like it if we could have a week to process these orders so we are able to stay insane…wait no, sane. 


We now invite you to complete the form below, allowing us the better serve you.


Thank you so much for inquiring and we are very excited to partner with you!