Rabbit's Pantry

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Ingredients: Hops, Nettle, Orange Peel, A dash of black pepper

Description: Aries tend to run hot and fast.  We love this energy that gets things done!  This energy can cause our Aries friends burn out, just as fast as they started, or get injured in the process of getting things done.  This tea is designed with the idea that it may gently detox the unnecessary, ground and settle down enough to keep a longer burn, and a bit of uplifting energy on the back side, so you won’t get frustrated from the change of pace.  Don’t worry Aries, you will still get all of the things done!

Brewing InstructionsHops and orange peel can easily go off with to long a steep, creating a bitter taste.  Brew 1 teaspoon to a tablespoon, in boiling water for just 3 minutes, and enjoy or drink fast.

Weight in 12 oz jar:  Net Wt. 1.3 Oz. (36.85 g)

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