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Elf Life
Elf Life

Ingredients:  White Tea, Peppermint, Lavender, Orange Peel, and Sugar crystals

Description:  If I were an Elf, what would I drink?  I imagine a combo of uppers and downers, covered in aromatic delight and sweet rainbow!  And Elf Life Tea was born!  Lightly caffeinated, heavily sugared, and rolled in the beautiful flower of lavender, tossed with oranges and blended with peppermint.  It's uplifting to the spirits, and calming to the system.  And the confetti appeal just makes you smile.  

Brewing Instructions: Steep One tablespoon in 8 oz of simmering water for 3-4 minutes.  No need to add sweetener, it was made after us, sweet and perfect in every way.

We also have adorable little 4 oz baby stocking stuffers, while supplies last!  And Gift Sets - we add a steep and cup with saucer or mug!

*Gift set purchases we will follow up with you to confirm options.

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