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So excited for all these Amazing Releases!

Tea Bunny approved our Spring releases.  Get them while they last!

Elderberry Support: We all know elderberries are super healthy for overall immune system support.  But this flavor, robust tart yet sweet and lushes organic elderberries partnered with hibiscus flowers, rosehips, echinacea, and stevia leaf.

Strawberry Rose: Yeah, we took strawberry tea to a whole new level.  This beautiful organic black tea is infused with strawberry juices and mingling with red rose... Need we say more.  Sweet on your pallet and sending love to your brain.  Truly indulgent tea.

and our new Green Tea:  Now this one surprised me.  I'm not a big green tea fan.  I do enjoy a good green tea though.  This was lovely, light, earthy and so enjoyable the cup was gone before I was ready.  The leaves gentle open from the delicate twist and fill your cup with a refreshing note.

They came up with some really great ideas for this summer's collection too.  I'm working on them now.

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