Thai Tea
Thai Tea
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Thai Tea

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 Seriously, I just had to!  I Love, Love, Love, Thai Iced Tea.  But have you ever tried this warm?  It's seriously just as amazing.  Gain the antioxidant benefits while enjoying your bit of tea.

You would think with the list of ingredients it would be a spice blend.  But it's more of a black tea with just the right amount of spice mixed in.  

Brewing Instructions: Steep one teaspoon to a tablespoon of 8 oz. simmering water for  2-4 minutes.  For best results sweeten and splash with cream.  For a traditional flavor, load it with cream and sugar or use sweetened condensed milk to really go wild.

Ingredients: Organic black tea, anise, cardamom, cloves

We are not doctors, lawyers, accountants or your mom.  We give out free smiles and the occasional unsolicited advice.  That being said; if you are pregnant, nursing or concerned about your health, call your mom.  Or even better, consult a doctors before consuming; particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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